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Not Blocking Flash and can't manually add it to blocked list

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Dual boot with Win7 Ult 64bit and XP Pro 32bit:

I'm a long time SAS user (recently purchased the pro version Sept 2009), but new to SAB. I've been using AdBlocker Pro prior to testing this beta. Obviously I'm more than a little late to this party, as I read that the product is due to be released in March 2010. A few things have left me dissapointed about SAB.

1) Many Flash ads still appear, even though blocking Flash ads is checked. This alone makes SAB pretty much useless for anyone wishing to speed up web page loading, as Flash uses much more bandwidth than images/gifs.

2) There is no way to manually add Flash ad content to SAB block lists (right clicking on the Flash ad just gives Flash options, no options for SAB (AdBlocker Pro allows manually adding Flash content and has options for blocking Flash ads when right clicking on them, so it can be done)).

3) There is no way to manually add sites or content to SAB other than specific images/gifs (by right clicking on them). The lists only contains sites/ads that have already been identified by SAB for blocking, no option to add manually via url or link.

4) Its posted on this forum that people who have purchased an SAB license will be entitled to a free SAS Pro license, and that there will be bundles available, but nowhere do I see where previous purchasers of SAS Pro will be entitled to a free SAB Pro licence. (Already tried my SAS Pro license for SAB, and of course it doesn't work.) Sure would appreciate an explanation for this reasoning, as I paid more for SAS Pro than the retail price of SAB.

I'd sure like to see these problems (1-3) addressed before I consider paying for SAB. Thanks for your consideration. :-)

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