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Modifications in free & payware version required.

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Some modification is required in the free version.

"Sets in system tray for some reason!?! When right clicked to see options says (enable real time protection = must upgrade)(view blocked spyware application = must upgrade)but basically the only useful thing there is the (Scan, check for updates and help)(why have tell a friend, whats new in this release,and find out whats running on your computer, and contact customer support which take you to different websites) or any of this running in the background when it should be in the apps menu on the all programs menu.) if i had the upgraded version yes i would want it running in the background."

Some modification is required in the program.

"Doesn't have an option to skip zonemap domains, which, on my computer, has a lot of sites since I use ie-spyad and spywareblaster. But for many users, this shouldn't be a problem."

Thank you for your suggestions. If you do not want the product running in the system tray, you can uncheck the option in the Startup tab to show the product in the system tray. Most of our users appreciate the Customer Service, What's New, What's running, etc. that is why those are there on the menu.

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