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Services rules in Windows Firewall

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Hi all!

I have installed SAS on my machine with Windows XP SP3 (and others update).

All OK, but I hope someone can help me with this no-solution problem. I CAN'T re-FORMAT my pc: I use it for work, and it is usable for now.

But there are 4 rules in Windows Firewall called "Services", that open 4 different TCP port, and leave it open all the time. If I delete or disallow this rules, they reappear after a reboot. The result is a slow internet navigation and a permanent connected port to a remote site (that i can view with netstat command). Sometimes, during the navigation, the process called "services.exe" uses CPU (50 per cent and more) and the hard disk is in activity (writing what?).

I don't know what i must do again. I've used SAS, mbam, spybot and avira (from rescue cd and then installed). Please help me... thanks


PS the ONLY 3d i have found is this, in italian:


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