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Windows 7 locks up during scan

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I have been using SAS Pro for years. I do a quick scan daily. Yesterdays scan and all previous scans went fine. However, todays scan scanned for 30 minutes and when it gets to the following file:


it locks up/freezes the entire system. It requires a reboot to continue using windows. It appears to be a registry file or likely a windows driver in a backup folder.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit. SAS is version 4.33.1000, Core 4584, Trace 2396.

After rebooting, scanning again and locking up on the same file, I did a system restore back one day before the previous scan that last completed without problems. I did another scan and again it stopped and locked up when it scanned on that file. I took one further step and booted in safe mode and did a scan in the 'Windows\winsxs\backup' folder and scanned the entire folder where the file in question is. It was able to scan without issues in safe mode. I am guessing there was something added in the latest definition updates that did not exist yesterday. I am not having any other issues with the pc. I am not sure the purpose of that file in question but after doing a system restore, it appears it must have existed yesterday also when the previous scan completed without issues. It looks to be a backup of a windows system file possibly based on the folder it is in.

At this point I can't use SAS as intended without restricting that entire folder from being scanned or scanning in safe mode. Both are a temporary fix but clearly something else is the problem that did not exist yesterday.

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Rather than waste time trying to figure out what changed on my pc in the last 24 hours from the time the last scan properly worked and this scan that didn't, I took the easy way out. It's clear this problem is unique to me so something I am unaware of has changed on my pc causing a conflict. I regularly create backup images of my hard drive for problems just like this. The last one was only a few days old. I decided to recover the last image when I know everything was working fine and start from there. I have completed that and everything is again working fine. What caused the problem I have no idea. But starting over is often the easiest way out of these problems. The backup/recovery process in Windows 7 makes the process simple and quick.

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