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Check for updates not working

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I have version V 4,33,0,1000 (I am using XP, and Firefox V 3.6 Browser).

Recently, I have not been able to do a, “check for updates”.

When I attempt it, I get a message stating that my firewall might be blocking. I have not made any changes.

I also tried removing and re-installing, but no luck.

Any suggestions?



PS - I am having the same problem when trying to update, "Malwarebytes"

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Try these links to force the update manual.

Direct updates:


Or, if that doesn’t work:

If that doesn't work, contact support, They will have you submit a sample for review.

I had a similar problem with a customer's computer. Where I couldn't update any anti-spyware program, but AVG was finding something with real-time monitoring, but not finding anything on a full scan. What AVG real-time monitoring was finding we couldn't find any information about the file on the web,

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