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Who is the pop-up survey from? Is it a threat, or an annoyance?

I believe the surveys are more of a threat than an annoyance,most threats can be deleted,

as of right now there is not a program set to stop the pop up surveys aside from maybe reformatting.(OUCH)

The surveys have their foot in the door of your PC and can't be stopped,what happens if the surveys can take full control of your PC and CAN;T BE STOPPED??

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I have been able to stop a few popups by identifying the site they originated from and adding them to my Internet Explorer blocks. (Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Sites). These were benign popups, though, and ones commonly used on benign websites. One was a mini-ad that pops up when your cursor crosses a link. They were also relatively easy to find information about on the Internet. Malicious popups, I'm not too sure about.

I don't think most AV and antimalware software block popups unless they are identified as malicious. There are some programs for that, though.

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