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Desktop Defender 2010

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When I run a regscan using SAS, the scan comes up clean (full scan is clean too) but in the scan progress section, the last thing it stops on is C:\Program Files\x86\Desktop Defender 2010. Is the scan progress window meant to show what SAS is scanning for or what it is currently scanning on the user's drive? I've ran scans using SAS, MSE and MBAM and all say my system is clean. Also if I browse to the Program Files Dir using Explorer, there is no C:\Program Files\x86\Desktop Defender 2010 or any reference in the registry using Find either. No visible evidence/behavior of this or any other malware present.

Windows 7 x64 Fully updated

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That's just the last item added in our trace engine if you are JUST doing a registry scan - that's where we are looking, not what's there.

I sure wish you would have been the one helping me when I posted about ZUMIESEARCH. I thought I was infected with it after doing just the custom registry scan with SAS. I'm glad I came back here and searched a few more posts after SAS custom registry scan this morning stopped on C:Documents and Settings\MyUsername\Application Data\SECURITY INSPECTOR 2010. Well at least i'm relieved now knowing it's just an item SuperAntiSpyware is searching for and not something that is in the registry. Maybe this is something SAS users should be made more aware of instead of letting the ending item of a SAS registry scan worry the user. Anyway thanks for clearing this up.

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