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Custom scan crashing computer

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SAS Pro scan today (latest version) found Adware.Vundo/Variant-MSFake in the mapi32.dll file of Mailwasher Pro Beta I suspect this is a false positive. In any case, I quarantined it and installed the latest beta of MWP. I've now twice tried to run a Custom Scan for the MWP folder only to check the new version. SAS sets up to scan and then crashes the computer - blue screen. The mapi32.dll file disappears from the folder in the process. The message is as follows:


STEP 0x000000A(0x0000016,0x0000001c,0x0000000,0x80502EAA). Any ideas? Thanks.

Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled MWP and then ran the scan again on the folder, this time deselecting the local hard drives. It worked ok. Not sure yet whether it was really MWP or SAS.

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This is similar in effect to "Redirect , blue screen on scan".

What is MWP please ?


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