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Got a question. I have tried running the free program a couple of times and it stays running and at 18 hours I shut it down and it scans 1750000 files? Is this possible and does it run this long. I have a Gateway computer with AMD Phenom9150e quad core processor 1.8 Ghz running Vista Home premium 64 bit system.

Am i doing something wrong or is there something I need to set up different or is this normal?


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The length of time to run an SAS scan seems far too long on your system. Here are some suggestions for correcting this.

1. Download/install/run freebie program CCleaner to clean out junk and temporary files from your hard drive.


- Download the SLIM version from the link above. This version does not have any toolbar additions in it.

- I do not recommend running the Registry Cleaner component of CCleaner unless you are familiar with registry cleaners. Just run the Cleaner component for cleaning out temp/junk files.

- You can run CCleaner as frequently as you want in the future to clean up your system.

- The user forum for CCleaner is at this link: http://forum.piriform.com/

2. Run CHKDSK /r /f on your hard drives to check them for errors. The link below describes how to use CHKDSK.


- Note that there is a space before the /r and /f in the above description (Example: CHKDSK C:/r/f

- Run CHKDSK on all partitions...for example, the C:\, the D:\, etc....on your hard drive(s).

3. After you do 1 and 2 above, defrag your hard drive(s) (all partitions).

4. Now run another Complete Scan with SAS.

- You can temporarily disable your antivirus scanner and any other security programs during the SAS scan ( DO NOT disable your software firewall). This will improve the scan time.

If the above does not improve the situation on your computer, it is best to contact the SAS gurus directly via a Customer Support Request at the link below. They will assist you in running some diagnostics to correct the problem.


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