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Startup issue

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Hi guys, I have a short question about the startup of SAS.

Whenever I start up either of my computers, SAS starts up the internet and direct me to the homepage www.superantispyware.com for upgrade to Pro. For now, I don't want to upgrade, and would like to stop SAS directing me to the homepage whenever I start up. Is it a bug, or is it just a "check" somwhere to remove?

Thanks in advance.

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I seem to recall that others resolved this issue by re-installing SAS free. Try this:

1. Go to the link below and download SASUNINST.EXE. Save it on your desktop


2. If you do not have a copy of SAS V4.32.1000 to re-install, go to the link below and download V4.32.1000 free.

https://www.superantispyware.com/superan ... vspro.html

3. Close down SAS if it is running.

4. Now run SASUNINST.EXE to uninstall SAS. It will require a system reboot.

5. After the reboot, re-install SAS V4.32.1000

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