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SUPERantispyware online scanner

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When I download the Superantispyware online scanner file, does it have the latest definitions already loaded in it? The reason I ask, is that I want to load it to a portable flash drive and then run it on a different computer that might have infections, without going online with it. I tried to manually load the latest definitions to it but it requires you to exit the program, thus it starts all over. When I run the program from a flash drive, is it required to update the definition data first?

No one has responded yet. Maybe I am trying to use this as a standalone from a flash drive, but it is intended to be used online. Is that correct? Do I have to use this online for it to work?

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We update the online scanner with the latest definitions several times per week. If you have online access, the check for definition updates button on the main screen will download the latest definitions.

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