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a Virus in email links not from PayPal

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You probably know about this scam but in case you dont I'm posting this.

I got an email yestereday that looked suspicious, I copied it and sent it to PayPal

to check that they did or did not send it.

I got a reply an hour ago stating that they did NOT send it, and it links to a virus on the "websites" in the email..

If you get one DO NOT click on any of the links, you will get a virus.

This is most of it, I deleted the email after I copied it to PayPal.


>Things aren't always as safe as they seem

>Dear ***************, ( I removed my name)



>Fake email or 'phishing' is a common technique used by online fraudsters.

>But there's an easy way to outsmart them and keep your PayPal account

>even safer.


>The Iconix email ID tool checks to see if the emails you receive are

>legitimate or fake. Once you've installed the software, you'll see an

>Iconix eMail ID icon whenever you receive emails from PayPal - so you

>know they're genuine.



>Iconix is free and works with Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook

>and many more email providers.


>LINK deleted by mod/b]>>


>Yours sincerely,




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