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SAS & the CiD:http:// hijack?

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Hi guys

I've been very impressed with SAS, so much so I'm registered on the affiliate program.

I often get calls from people whose PC are infected in one way or another. I automatically purchase a SAS licence for them and install it on their PCs - at worst, it'll be the trial version.

Had a phone call the other day from an elderly relative who live 200 miles away. She was experiencing pop-ups galore. Each pop-up window displayed CiD:http:// at the top left hand corner of the pop-up.

So I tell her about the software, SAS, which removes ALL the spyware NOT just the easy ones. I install the software, update and purchase a licence but alas, following a scan, the problems persist!

So her question to me was;

"You told me this SAS software removes ALL the spyware NOT just the easy ones. Is there something wrong with my copy?"

Okay, so this CiD hijack might not be spyware but my question is;

"Why can't SAS remove it"?

I might be able to manually remove this hijack via remote control (LogMeIn) but, I don't fancy travelling 200 miles to reboot her PC into safe mode if that's required :)


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