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SuperAdBlocker BHO Not Installed

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Asked in another forum...no answer yet:

I installed SAB on my Win7 32bit box using IE8 but when I right click on a web picture to block it, I get "SuperAdBlocker BHO Not Installed". Happens on any site I try to block a picture. I did uninstall a previous version using the uninstall tool on your website and used CCleaner to find and remove all traces of SAB. Rebooted, re-installed 5,0,0 1022 but same issue.

Any suggestions?

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Not sure if this will help, but you can give it a try.

With Interenet Explorer open, click on "TOOLS" in the tool bar, then click on Manage Add-ons. Under there you should see: SuperAdBlockBHO Class. Make sure it is Enabled.

I am just a fellow poster and trying to think of ideas that may help. This may work for you if it has been disabled.


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