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SAS Infected Object Count vs. Others

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Because no single AS program finds ALL the spyware, I used three: SAS, Malwarebytes and Ad-aware. I recently ran a test for some friends for whom I provide computer tech support involving Smiley Central. I had told them to stay away from that program because it was loaded (an understatement) with spyware. However, the wife just loved the emoticons and kept bugging me about using it. To show her what it would do to her computer, I ran full scans with SAS and Malwarebytes to ensure there was no spyware on the computer, then installed the Smiley Central program, then repeated the SAS and Malwarebytes scans. Both, of course, found HUGE numbers of "infected objects", and finally convinced the friend to stay away from Smiley Central.

However, I noticed a major difference in what each AS program counted as an "infected object". Malwarebytes found 822(!) while SAS found only 171. But I know that both found all the spyware, so my question is why the big difference in infected-object count? Is it just that Malwarebytes counts every individual item (every cookie, every registry entry, etc.) as an "object" while SAS counts groups of related items (e.g., a file and all of its registry entries) as one "object"?

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Every product counts the "infected" and "scanned" count completely differently. Some try and boost the count to make it look like they are doing more. You really can't compare "counts" at all between products.

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