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Just a quickie.

Having removed SAB [release] & replaced it with the Beta [for IE8 & FF3.5], I'm now getting messages in my error log that SABKUTIL.sys can't be found in my temp folder. On checking the registry, I find an entry in Current Control Set under Services for it, pointing once again to the temp folder. I don't appear to have SABKUTIL on my system anywhere, but if I delete the entry for the service, it is re-created & the error messages start again in the event log.

1) What is creating the service entry ?

2) Can I stop it ?

3) Can I pull down SABKUTIL.sys separately & point the service entry to the file manually ?

It's no big deal & I won't lose sleep over it, but it is irritating :)

As to the performance of the Beta, I have to say it's working very well indeed & apart from the closing IE when attempting to access options bug reported earlier, it's working like a dream - Thanks.



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Hi fruitcake:

Thanks for posting the IE8 closing when trying to open the options menu, in your post.

I thought I was the only one with this problem, and I thought I my computer was the problem.

Have a great day.


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