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Does installing SAS free version affect pictures in email?

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Just since I installed SAS free (which I love, and saved my computer, btw) I can't see pictures in my email. I'm using Outlook Express 6.0. I still get the infobar asking if I want to download pictures (typical security feature) but when I click on it, the pictures don't appear....I still have the red x's. Right clicking on the red x's doesn't change things, nor does changing the "block email images from html" on the OE security settings.

Any of this have to do with SAS, or is a totally separate problem for me?


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It sounds that after you installed SAS and ran a scan that it found malware which you let SAS quarantine, eh? If so, would you please post the scan log from that specific scan. The scan logs are stored under Preferences>Statistics/Logs tab. Just copy the log and paste it back here. It is very possible that a critical file was infected and had to be removed.

Have you re-examined all of the settings of your Outlook Express 6.0 to see if any of the settings have been changed? ( I can see that you have checked some of them and it did not correct the problem).

The link below might be of help as well.


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