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Unable to Uninstall the Free Version

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We installed the free version but recently upgraded to the Professional. The registration says you don't have to uninstall the free version but I keep getting a pop up from the free version asking me to do the scans, get updates and to upgrade. It's really getting annoying :( . How can I uninstall this completely from my computer? :roll:

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I recommend the following:

1. Go to the link below and download the special SAS uninstaller SASUNINST.EXE. Save it on your desktop.


2. Close down SAS

3. Double click on the SASUNINST.EXE icon on your desktop and let it uninstall SAS completely. It will want to reboot. Reboot your computer.

4. Re-install the latest version of SAS PRO V4.31.1000. The latest version can be downloaded from the link below.

https://www.superantispyware.com/superan ... vspro.html

5. During the installation, enter your license code and activate SAS PRO.

6. Run the SAS live update to be sure you have the latest Core and Trace updates.

7. Set up your desired options via the Preferences window of SAS PRO.

8. You can delete SASUNINST.EXE from your desktop if you wish. Or move it to some other location for future use.

That should fix you up so that you no longer have the pop up.

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