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Evaluation Period Expired???

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Hello there,

Today I went to run SAS and instead of my regular SAS I received a screen that says, "Evaluation Period Expired". I uninstlled SAS, but

it didn't leave my Programs. I fiddled and faddled and I got SAS to work, but then I tried to run SAS in Safe Mode and after I restarted my

computer the same- Evaluation Period Expired is back. I paid my bill in MArch of '09, so my year isn't up- Lifetime member actually.

I sent 2 diagnostic reports- 1 through Super Ad Blocker and SAS. What next :?: TIA, Chico

Update: When a new page opens I hear a trumpet noise, and when I am moving my cursor around a red circle with the red slash through the

middle of it- Ghost Busters symbol if you will.

Do I have a bug? Thanks so much, chico... a $50 donation if you can fix it- Really... :D

Another update: I unplugged my computer and my modem for 10 minutes, plugged them back in, and everything is well at this point. 8)

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I wish I had that same response you got when I was in contact with them last week,

yes, I had that same problem in W7 Pro x64, did not get much help, I only got it fixed by restoring

a Macrium Reflect first image when I started installing my software, that first image is specifically for

setting up W7 and ensuring that it is working Ok then I make the image and proceed to install the software,

when that is done I make another image. This time SAS worked. Why I dont know but SAS support was not the reason.

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I have a similar problem. I recently purchased a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit. I had SAS pro on my old, but did not know how to register on the free SAS I downloaded on the new until I got the message to right click on the icon. I got that message after I purchased a new license. Anyway, I now got my new license no., but every time I log on, I get the message that the evaluation period has expired, and every time I have to type in my license no.

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