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I have received message from SAS Pro indicating the above was detected.

Company: Coupons, Inc.

Processes: cpnprt2.cid

Level: 5

The software is to enable printing of coupons. Does anyone know if this is a false positive?

Should I quarantine it until needed again? Or dump it?

Thanks for any help.

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Please post your scan log here so we can review what exactly is being detected.

Sorry - having to remember to go back to see if there is a reply is really counter-productive. (Maybe I should post a suggestion in the Suggestion forum??)

I found out from another site that the item is Adware. It took me 2 days to completely rid the computer of the mess. The company's coupon printer software is used on many sites for printing coupons. Unfortunately, the company does not adhere to its EULA.

If you go to cnet.com and search the forums, you should find the article to which I was directed.

Thanks, again.

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