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SAB Icon Missing In Toolbar

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Hi Guys:

I think this is a Microsoft problem, but I wanted to post incase it was with SAB.

When I have SAB "Start when windows start" The redX icon does not show in the lower right toolbar when I start up. The program is running but just not showing the icon. When I turn off "Start when windows start" and then reboot, I then manually start SAB after the computer is booted and the icon does show in the lower right toolbar. This is the same way on both my computers.

I had read a post on the internet about icons not showing on bootups, and they say that if a program is called to start on bootup and it does not call for the icon with in 4 seconds (this 4 seconds is set in the registry) it will not show the icon.

Just wanted to post incase it was a SAB problem.

Also this is the only icon I am having problems with, all other boot on startup icons show for other programs.

SuperAntiSpyware icon works all the time.

Thanks guys and have a great day.


Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, 64 bit on one computer and 32 on the other.

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