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search of update = kills superantispyware

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For approx the last week, any attempt to check for updates kill's superantispyware for me.

Worse is, it's just hangs there and I can't start any other app. Using taskmgr to kill superantispare = machine OK again.

Tried un-installing / rebooting and then re-installing.

This resulted in machine hanging while entering registration details/code.

I finally got superantivspyware installed again and did the manual update by downloading

the current definitions and installed.

Done a reboot in safe mode with full scan = nothing found,

Done a full scan with current/updated symantec antivirus = nothing found,

Doing a full scan with superantivspyware in normal boot crashes superantivspyware after

a couple of min's.....


XP/Sp3, patched and current.

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Well, I found the cause,, I think.

Seems my PC wasn't clean after all. After using a competitive product, I was able to get rid of a couple of nasties

and after that, superantispyware works ok again with updates,etc.

Though,, since I've been using sas for a while, with firstchanceprevention with all options selected and

always having it updated,, Im not 100% comfortable that it didn't intercept and, it couldn't fix it/find it even it safe mode

with system-restore disabled...

Items/issues found;

AppCertDlls\appsecdll (Spyware.Passwords)

rundll32.exe (Trojan.Agent

wab (Trojan.Dropper












With these clean in safe mode by the other product, all is/looks ok again ( I believe/hope )

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What version of SUPERAntiSpyware (numeric) where you running? Those TDS infections can block many security products, but our >4.30 versions and SASSAFERUN should have been able to run and clean that for you.

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