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Why does my browser launch?

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After the last update about a week ago, SUPERAntiSpyware launches my browser on startup.

This is most annoying and I can't find a tick box to stop it.

Please, how do I get your software to behave? I want control in MY computer and don't want ANY program launching anything without MY permission.


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Thanks Nightcap.

I read your posts and I after uninstall and re-install I still have the same problem on both my computers running windows 7 32 bit.

I could do it again, I suppose, but you'd think the programmers would find a solution and correct it.

I have a forum where I highly recommended everyone have SAS installed.

I don't want to be explaining to them how and why they should have to continue re installing this program.

Seems almost like a Trojan Loader to me.

Thanks anyway

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