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Help - Some Kind of Browser HiJack

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Hi there, I am having an issue with IE and a hijack for search engines - here is the issue and attempted fixes.

IE Browser version 8 - started with 7, thinking an update and reseting to default settings would help, no fix.

XP service pack 3

Issue: When using search tool bar or simply conducting a search in Google or Bing (have not tried others) - shows proper display of search results, when clicking on a result I get linked into an ad site - if go back to results, click again - I get the proper page I am requesting.

This only happens on page 1 of the search results.

When this issue initially started, Chrome was inoperable - though after doing some resetting and an update - it is working fine with no issues at all.

I have run SAS, and found the following:










Unfortunately, still having the same issue. Using SAS, I have used the Repair feature and selected all - did not change results. Ran multiple scans with and without browser running.

Basically have exhausted my resources trying to get this hijack fixed. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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