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I am having problems installing the latest SAS Free b1004 into my father's old Toshiba Satellite notebook/laptop with Windows 98 SE OEM. I was having updating SAS b1000 to b1004 via its updater and was told to do a reinstall. So I ran b1004 installer, requested to uninstall b1000, rebooted, install b1004, got an errors, ignored it, and ran SAS to get another error (outdated OS?) as shown in my screen captures:


How do I fix this? I was told SAS still works with old Windows 98 SE. What's up?

Thank you in advance. :)

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You mention b1000, is this the program version that you are currently trying to update?

If it is I would suggest un-installing and do a fresh install from the link I supplied for version 4.24.1004

Right, first of all as shown above I advised you first to un-install version 1000 prior to installing version 1004.

I would also and this is my preference only but do a search for all folders that refer to SAS then reboot.

Now install version SAS 4.24 1004

Of course what SAS may have done is make a warning message about the operating system, but they certainly didn't have that message when I installed it.

The reason you got that second error message is more than likely because it's trying to update you with whatever is the very latest program which as we know isn't compatible with windows 98.

Hmm. Well, I tried uninstalling, rebooting, found an empty SAS folder/directory and deleted it, and installing but still failed. :(

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The only thing I can think of then is the exe file from that link is must be corrupted.
I will try again later. I think I already did try redownloading.

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