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Updated SAS definitions, and now slow.

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I updated SAS on my dad's old Toshiba notebook/laptop (Celeron CPU) with Windows 98 SE. I updated its definitions, but couldn't update its program (froze). So I killed the program and relaunched it, but now it just hangs. I do see its taskbar system tray icon and it still shows months old definitions. :(

Any ideas? Thank you in advance. :)

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What version of SAS are you trying to run on 98SE? Check this link.


It's the latest version as of 3//28/2009 (definitions) and v4.26.1000 for program. Remember, it detected a program update, but for some reason it froze during its updates.

Interesting that others have the same problem with slow loading. I already waited over 30 minutes too! I guess I will remove it since it is horrible under 98 SE. :(

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