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trying out Superadblocker pre release

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I am trying Superadblocker pre release on a Windows 7 32 bit with Windows firewall, Avira free, IE8, Firefox 3.5.5 and Sandboxie.

Running both IE and FF unsandboxed websites are filtered by Superadblocker. example softpedia and popuptest.

With IE8 popups and ads (google ads and one from softpedia)are blocked. Browser hangs on loading/filtering the images

With Firefox popups are blocked but google ads aren't blocked also the browser hangs on loading the images.

With the browsers sandboxed and the same websites.

IE8 shows google ads and softpedia ad (http://www.softpedia.com/images/ads/rssowl1.jpg?v=2) also popups aren't blocked. Browsing is faster.

Firefox shows google ads but not softpedia ad. The popups aren't blocked also. Browsing is again faster.

I like the fact it accepted my old license.

My primary browser is a sandboxed firefox with adblockplus this setup doesn't slow down browsing a bit. Are there settings to get it to work with sandboxie?

It's nice to see a new version of Superadblocker and i am looking forward to replace adblockplus with it :)

Kind regards,

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