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SUPERAdBlocker Pre-Release w/IE8 and Firefox 3.x Support

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We have a new pre-release of SUPERAdBlocker 5.0! In addition to the regular superior ad blocking you are used to, we have added support for Firefox 3.x and IE8 along with support for Windows 7 and enhanced support for Vista.

One thing that you will notice in this pre-release is that SUPERAntiSpyware is no longer included - we feel maintaining those as individual products is a better use of resources and users can choose to run one or both products. All previous purchase users of SUPERAdBlocker will receive SUPERAntiSpyware Professional free of charge. This will be done on official release of SUPERAdBlocker 5.0.

We will have both a SUPERAdBlocker only and a SUPERAdBlocker+SUPERAntiSpyware bundle available.

Please note this is PRE-RELEASE, and if you have any issues, please let us know. We also have many other welcome additions that will appear shortly :)

You MUST uninstall previous versions FIRST using this tool:

<!-- m -->http://www.superadblocker.com/prerelease/SABUNINST.EXE<!-- m -->

Then download SUPERAdBlocker 5.0 here:

<!-- m -->http://www.superadblocker.com/prerelease/SUPERAdBlocker.exe<!-- m -->

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