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Microsoft Windows 7 Review

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I have been doing some lurking/research on the new Windows 7, and it seems like you need to just buy a New computer

to accommodate Very possible problems when installing 7 on many computers that are already in working capacity. I am

no professional by any means, so here is 1 URL that I found to be interesting-

http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/reviews/inde ... wid=106237

Personally, I would not go out and buy Windows 7, install it, and expect your already functional system to remain intact.

There are many reviews online, I have read lots of them, and make sure you do your research before getting all excited

by purchasing the new Windows 7.

If you have any experiences, good or bad, jot them in here so we can all learn something here... Just a thought... Chico... :idea:

I see that people are already having troubles with their software after installing Windows 7, so I thought this may help...

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I upgraded directly to Windows 7 x64 Pro from Vista SP2 x64 Business in less than 1 hour. All settings and programs transferred over except my Avira firewall....had to uninstall/re-install Avira. I "think" this may have been caused by me changing the computer name at the start of the upgrade and that screwed up Avira's firewall profile info/link. The only real issue I had was the conflict between SAS and PerfectDisk. A few other programs have issued some updates/upgrades to make the work better on Windows 7; however, the onslaught of upgrades is nothing compared to what it was when Vista came out. Thus far I am extremely happy with Win 7 and also the fact that days of work were negated by upgrading directly instead of a format/clean install. I do keep my system clean and well maintained, programs and driver versions up-to-date, plus did some initial investigation and preparation prior to upgrading.

Am anxiously waiting for the SAS x64 version...but that is not a unique Windows 7 issue...it is a x64 issue.

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I upgraded my vista home premium sp2 desktop with minor problems which i fixed prior and after installation.

The most important thing to upgrading is to make sure you run the windows 7 upgrade advisor prior to upgrading. This will tell you what drivers and or software that is needed or needs to be uninstalled before the upgrade.

Once you have done this make sure there are no virus/trojans on your computer by running superantispyware and a virus program scan.

I disabled my avg 9.0's resident shield prior to the upgrade.

The upgrade took 2 1/2 hours and all is well now

Superantispyware Pro latest version was on the machine prior to installation

It is running fine.

I highly recommend Windows 7. the boot up time is faster, shutdown too, it is basically a fixed Vista.


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I did a clean install on two XP machines. Got all drivers before hand. Right now the only problem I know about is a bad Brother printer driver.

Windows 7 is a lot faster than XP. The only thing is not having a true classic start menu. I have never used the default desk top LOL

And of course networking is still a pain, no matter what anyone says.

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