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Sajuuk Khar

Windows 7 Problem

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Just today I upgraded from Windows Vista Home Premium edition to Windows 7 Home Premium edition. And Windows 7 installed perfectly fine, it never told me to uninstall SAS. So i started up Windows 7 and it crashes. SASKUTIL comes up as the cause (Least i presume thats what it means). So I looked that up and learned that its SAS causing the crash.

Here lies my problem, Windows 7 crashes everytime it starts up yet when I go into safemode and try to uninstall SAS I can't install it.

I am using the free version of SAS.


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Hi Sajuuk Khar:

Here is a problem I had with SuperAdBlocker, I installed windows 7 and found out the SuperAdBlocker would not work. I tried to uninstall it and it would not uninstall. I sent a message to SuperAdBlocker and they sent me a file I could run that did uninstall it from the registery. You may want to to do the same with SuperAntiSpyware, (same company) and they may be able to send you an uninstall program you can run in safe mode.

Also you may want to try this, It has worked for me before on other programs. Start your computer in safe mode, Then reinstall SuperAdSpyware on top of the old one. After it has installed, then do a uninstall and it should remove all SuperAdSpyware files.

Windows 7 has just a little diffrent file association location of files.

I am not a SuperAdAware employee, I am just a common SuperAdAware user trying to help.

Hope this works for you.


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