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URGENT regarding your SuperAntiSpyware

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Before I give the problem let me say I hate being on forums LOL Nothing personal to you but

I can't see good and my health is so poor my concentration level is zero with learning anything

I don't already know and I don't already know a lot LOL when it comes to computers! But I felt

this important enough to post and ask about to come here so please forgive me if the answer

to this is already posted some place as in between not seeing well and having poor concentration

I did not take the time to look but just in case this problem has not been reported I thought I

should put the problem here.

I have used your program for several months and it's been great especially at one web site I

am on that has very annoying ads and many times when I go there I get the message from

my anti virus program blocking a virus but it always took your program to finish cleaning up

the damage done to my computer screen and missing files and indeed your program always

took out the spyware/viruses! UNTIL TODAY!

Today when that happened after visiting this same web site the virus attempt on my computer

I clicked on your icon as usual to start your program and nothing happened so I went to where

your program is on my computer and clicked repair but that did NOT fix it so then I pulled up

your help page and I did ALL of the following below this message!! So, I did do some before coming here :)

These hackers that targeted my computer and your progam really took your program out on my computer and your program worked fine for several months until today when my computer was targeted at a web site I go to all the time and before your prgram always took off the viruses but today when they targeted my computer they took your program TOTALLY OUT where I did ALL of what you have below and that did NOT fix it !!!! Pleaseeee fix this !!!!

After I did ALL of the below I did submit a report request but being the weekend not sure if I would get a reply

so I came here hoping this problem has been reported and a fix??? Remember I did ALL of this below and it still did NOT fix your program :( so I know my computer problems is not fixed since I was not able to run your program :(

Whoever these hackers are I hate to give them credit but they really took out your program and seems I can't get it back which I need to in order to clean it up! They also took out another anti virus program I am using. I should had got off that web site sooner where these viruses and spyware is coming from but it's a pen pal site and I have friends there and don't understand why only some there are having this same problem and not everyone there??

But I am convinced the hackers are using that website through the ads there to do this but of course I won't mention the name of the web site here because I feel sure they would deny it.

I did ALL OF THIS BELOW...............

Below is the answer to your question. If your question is not completely answered, please submit a Customer Support Request (CSR) and a representative will assist you. SUPERAntiSpyware will not run when my computer starts or when I double-click it.

If SUPERAntiSpyware will not run when you your PC starts or when you double-click the program shortcut, you may have a class of infection that specifically targets SUPERAntiSpyware and prevents it from running.

If SUPERAntiSpyware is not currently installed, please download and run one of these alternate versions of the install package:

SUPERAntiSpyware FREE Edition Installer

SUPERAntiSpyware Professional Installer

If SUPERAntiSpyware is already installed but simply will not run, please download and run the following program to launch SUPERAntiSpyware:


If you are unable to get SUPERAntiSpyware running after following all the steps above, please download and run the following program:


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Your SASSAFERUN did not run! But I went through uninstalling all day and reinstalling

and tried installing other anti virus programs one of which had the message I had to uninstall your

program before installing theirs (by the way their anti virus did not remove the viruses,

either) and for some strange reason after that uninstalled your program then when I went through

installing your program again then it started working again THANKFULLY!! And sure enough there

were viruses your program removed. I hope you all will work on a better fix for those that have

hackers target your program and take it where it won't work. It messed up my computer so

bad my computer would not even run in the safe mode and that's the first time I had any

virus do that. My computer would not shut down, either, as well as other strange behavior.


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I am a bit confused. Superantispyware doesn't remove viruses, it removes spyware and trojans and rootkits.

Why would another antivirus program ask to remove superantispyware since it is not a virus program?

I can understand a hacker program disabling superantispyware and if this happens then there definitely needs a fix in superantispyware.


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I am good at getting others confused LOL Sorry!

I just think of all of them as viruses because I don't really understand one from another

and I thought trojans were viruses! That's how much I know LOL

Regarding the other anti virus program or whatever it removes, all I know is I got a

message something about your program could not work with theirs so that it would

need to uninstall your program before it could be used and this was after I tried

several times to get your program to work when it would not.

But I know without a doubt that whatever it was trojan or rootkit that it took our your

program because when I went to open a web site I got a message from another program

I use that said something about blocking a virus or trojan or rootkit, whatever lol

but it never stops the damage from being done to my computer so I went to start your

program as I always do that always takes off whatever is put on my computer and that

is when your program would not work and I did all the things mentioned to try to get

your program to work so I know whatever it was took out your program! Before that

I had used your program a lot and had just recently used it a day or two before that

happened. There is one other program I use that was also knocked out not just yours

and both knocked out at the same time by the trojan or whatever it was.

I do understand the difference in spyware and viruses but that's about all :)

So, yes needs to be a fix so when the hackers knock your program out it can be easily

returned. I love your program. I use three yours and two others and you all work great

together until that happened and I can always count on your program to clean up

what is messed up on my computer :) but if I can't get your program to work because

a hacker takes it out then my computer doesn't return to normal operation. Thanks!!

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