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Hi there, i was running mbam, when it (on the frist scan) found a "trojan.hiloti" in a dll file, i ran a scan and it removed, the second scan revealed 2 infected regkeys, both also successfully removed, ive done research on this particular torjan and have seen its efect on a system can bring pop ups, and redirect browsers and affect internet speeds, ive had none of that since, does that mean im in the clear? Also whilst ive had this trojan, (i don't know how long i've had it) i never had these syptoms either.

Any help is greatly accepted


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To be very honest, MBAM frequently has false positives which are quickly fixed...but they occur quite often. I recommend that you;

1. Restore from MBAM quarantine the .dll file and the registry keys.

2. Obtain the latest updates of MBAM definitions and run another scan with MBAM.

3. IF the .dll is flagged again, run the file through Virus Total to see if anything else is finding the .dll as malicious.


4. If one or more of the scanners in Virus Total find the .dll as malicious, then submit the file to SAS and let them examine it. They will update their definitions to clean it if it is malicious. See the link below for how to submit a file to SAS.


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