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Help...infection or ?

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i try,.,

no infect on antimalware and spywareterminator and Spy&Bot !

only on Superantispyware!!!

is infect keys or false/positive ?

help me ?????

what is this CLSID ???? :cry:

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All indications are that this "may be" a false positive. See the links below:



The link below states that is a threat; however, the links above may be reality.

http://www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx ... c4354c98e7

I recommend that you submit a Customer Service Report and let the SAS gurus sort it out.


I would not quarantine the CLSID keys at the present time.

ALSO, ensure that you have the latest core/trace update for SAS and that the latest version is showing this "infection".

core: 4173

trace: 2093

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