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Vista Event Error

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I'm getting an Event error in the Microsoft|CodeIntegrety|Operational section of Adimnistrative Tools|Event Viewer:

Code Integrity determined an unsigned kernel module \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Tools\SUPERAntiSpyware\sasdifsv.sys is loaded into the system. Check with the publisher to see if a signed version of the kernel module is available.

BTW the ...\Tools\SUPERAntiSApyware\ folder is the folder I installed SuperAntiSpyware to.

I don't have SuperAntiSpyware starting at startup but I'm wondering what this is for and why SuperAntiSpyware or Vista is attempting to start this .sys file. Seems to be occurring at startup and another occurrance about 50 minutes after startup. It occurred 8 times yesterday.

Is it for definition updates? I see no setting for updates in SuperAntiSpyware 'Preferences.'

It's probably not importasnt but I like to have some contrrol over what starts and doesn't start on my system.



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