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Alpha Antivirus spyware removal

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I have a new work colleague who mentioned to me a persistent problem of pop up windows occurring when ever he used his computer to browse the internet. These windows identify themselves as Alpha Antivirus having found a virus asking for subscription.

When I investigated the symptoms I discovered that he has been duped into purchasing the Alpha Antivirus spyware that now has created continual irritation for him and his family. He has been under the impression for over a year now that he has been protected.

Prior to this I had not heard of this spyware. My research has shown that there a few products that will remove it.

Is Superantispyware capable of detecting and removing this threat?

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Have your friend run the SAS online scanner at the link below.


Let it quarantine what it finds. Before running the scan, have him/her close down as many programs as possible (icons next to the clock in the Task Bar). Temporarily disable other security programs EXCEPT the software firewall to prevent possible interference during the scan.

IF SAS does not find/remove the critter, create a customer support request via the link below and the SAS gurus will work with him/her to remove it.


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