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Excluding SAS files from AV

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Hi Everyone

I'm a new member of this forum and I've just installed a trial version of SAS Pro, to run aongside my ESET Smart Security and Malwarebytes free. Malwarebytes suggest excluding a number of MBAM files from ESET Smart real-time scanning. Is this necessay with SAS Pro?

Is the above set-up OK or is it over-kill?


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It should not be necessary to exclude any SAS PRO files. SAS typically runs smoothly along side other security programs (with the exception of the current Norton conflict issue which should be resolved shortly).

Having MBAM real-time module and SAS PRO real-time module running at the same time with ESET real-time is probably a bit of overkill, yes. However, they should run okay as a trio and if it is not penalizing performance of your system....then no problem. Otherwise, I suggest either MBAM real-time or SAS PRO real-time and then ESET real-time.

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