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How long does SAS retain quarantined files?

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I noticed today that I have some quarantined spyware dated 6/28/09. It got me to wondering if SAS had a maximum setting for retention of quarantined files (e.g. 30, 60, 90, etc. days). IOW, a setting that would make it unnecessary to periodically clean out the quarantine chest manually. If it does, I can't find it, so please let me know how to access it. If it doesn't, it would make a nice addition to the next version.

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When any program detects a malware on one of my systems, I always research the file on Google, and upload the file(s) to a online scanner such as http://www.virustotal.com to verify a positive detection (using a sandbox or VM for safety).

With that said, if you're sure the detection is valid (as in not a false positive), quarantined files can generally be deleted after 30 days, providing no system abnormalities occur.

For this reason, I don't feel that any automated quarantined file deletion process should be implemented by SAS, or other scanner program.

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