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primary anti virus program

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Can SAS be used as your primary anti virus program? Does Windows security alerts (Windows XP) not recognize SAS as a anti virus program? :?: I had Avast anti virus when I picked up Win32/FAKEXPA

Avast detected it but it wasn't able to delete it. I tried the free version of SAS and it wiped it out right away, so I upgraded to pro.



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No, SAS is not an antivirus. It is meant to run along side your AV. I would definetly put Avast back on or maybe try the free version of Avira http://www.free-av.com/en/download/1/av ... virus.html. SAS should run great with any AV. :mrgreen:

Prairie Dog and me differ on the free Antivirus, I suggest AVG 8.5 Free version but Yes it is designed to run along with SUPERAntiSpyware. It is however you decision on which free Antivirus software you want to use.

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