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SAS - What SHould I See In Task Manager

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Searched online but couldn't find an answer.

When SAS is active and running, what is the process called in Task Manager? I ask because I see a process that is a long string of numbers and letters like:

53405b75-3121-4078-.................. (didn't want to type it all).exe.

When I end this process, the SAS icon disappears from the system tray. Is this the normal image name for SAS?


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SAS should show up as SuperAntiSpyware.exe in the Task Manager. Based on what you are currently seeing, I recommend:

1. Download SASUNINST.exe and save it on your Desktop.


2. Download the latest V4.28.1010 from the official SAS website. Save it on your Desktop

https://www.superantispyware.com/superan ... vspro.html

3. Run SASUNINST.exe to uninstall SAS. A reboot will be required.

4. Install V4.28.1010.

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