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:?: I am living in India, I am not a credit card holder and I have only Bank accounts with Indian Rupees (INR)

How I pay the amount if I want purchase Superantispywar professional edition[/b]

Here is a way around it to where you can Buy SUPERAntiSpyware.

Open up a Paypal account, they are free to anyone who wants to buy stuff online. Paypal has some good Protections for your purchases and helps even refunds money where there are unauthorized purchases.

After you have set up your account link it to your bank account, you then can have it withdraw from you bank account whenever you buy products online. Once it is tied to your account might take up to a week to do but once you can verify it with Paypal, they will deposit some small change into your account to verify it.

Then come back and BUY SUPERAntiSpyware using Paypal with out a worry in the world. They accept Paypal and you don't have to worry about your hard earned money being taken from your account without your knowledge.

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