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kaspersky and superantispyware

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for some reason the lastest beta versions of kaspersky 2009 are automatically removing superantispyware. i think kaspersky are just adding applications to the list that could possibily cause problems. superantispyware and kaspersky work great together. Can someone from superantispyware please contact kaspersky and get superantispyware removed from the kaspersky incompatible list?

thanks in advance.

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I never liked Kasperksy Nod 32, I also think it is a lot cheaper and works just as good to use AVG Free 8.5 with Superantispyware:


I've not had a Virus yet with this combination. I also will always suggest to my clients to use Firefox instead with all web browser!! ;)

Avg 8.5 has a great email scanner!! :)

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I have used Kaspersky since version 6 and it works well.

I do beta testing for them as well.

samples and false positives are always sorted out quickly and always get a reply from a human.

If need be I will use the skip conflicting products check once the current beta version goes final.

Ive never really been a fan of AVG. for free i reccomend avast and paid f-secure or kaspersky.

i always install sas free on all clients systems to check every so often for anything that bypass their av.

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