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Currently running ver 4.27.1002 w/real time protection activated. There have been no items blocked according

to the "View Blocked Spyware Applications" screen. However, whenever I run a scan, adware items are always

detected and placed in quarantine. Is there a reason these items were not blocked?

How can I make certain that the real time protection mode is functioning properly?


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Please post the last scan of SAS that detected malicious items.

I suspect that the items are just tracking cookies. SAS Realtime Protection does not block tracking cookies...never has and probably never will. The scanner does detect them for removal. The developers of SAS do not consider tracking cookies harmful to the operation of your computer...thus no realtime blocking.

You can stop a LOT of tracking cookies by blocking third party cookies via your browser. For Internet Explorer this is done by:

1. Control Panel>Internet Options>Privacy tab>Advanced hot button

2. Checkmark/Bullet:

- Override automatic cookie handling

- Accept First-party Cookies

- Block Third-party Cookies

- Always allow session cookies

3. Click on OK>Apply>OK

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Thx for the reply. I believe you are correct. These do appear to be tracking cookies.

I will try your suggestion and adjust my internet settings.

Thx again for your help.


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