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regcure shows 'empty reg files' to delete - why does saspywa

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why did this 'free diag.' of regcure show 100's of empty reg files that needed to be deleted/fixed and super anti spy doesn't?

i have not purchased the regcure. i purchased the super anti spy instead.

i have this in my 'programs running' lsass.exe

and when i start up my pc i get 2 pop ups that say "error running dll' of gayiloba.dll & yoguvesi.dll

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RegCure is a "registry cleaner" program which means that it is checking for errors in the system registry.

Superantispyware is an anti-spyware security program. When it scans the registry, it is only checking for malicious entries in the registry that have been placed in the registry by cybercriminals' nasty software. That is a completely different function than a registry cleaner.

When you run a Complete Scan with SAS, does it find anything to quarantine? Please post the scan log of your latest SAS scan back here for us to examine. The scan log is found at the "Statistics/Logs" tab of the Preferences window of SAS. Just copy and paste the latest log here.

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