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SAS freezing at start up.

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When i boot up the computer the retangular display with the SAS logo comes on the centre of the screen. Until a few days ago it went off after about ten to fifteen seconds, but now it freezes and there doesn't seem to be any way of removing it. The only way to overcome this is to disable it in the start menu.

I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium SP2.

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I'm having the same problem with Vista Enterprise. I solved it by booting into safe mode and in preferences disable the splash screen on startup. Seems to work for me.



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I ran into the problem after a security engine Live Update from Symantec for Norton Internet Security 2009. My system would lock up on login and or you would not be able to right click anything after 1 to 3 hours, with the end result of having to reload my system from my Ghost drive backup.

My SAS splash screen was turned off, it took me sometime understand SAS was the issue.

After two day and three reload I found turning off SAS starting at boot up stopped the issue.

SAS is turned off on Vista Ulimate system and my system has run now for over 36 hours with

no issues.

SAS has a conflict with Vista running the new Norton Security Engine update !

SAS will have to make a change, because Norton will not...... :(

XP has no issues with SAS and the new Norton change. :D

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