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Can Someone Please Explain This?

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In your posts, you do not state which Windows OS (with Service Pack number), which version of Internet Explorer, which version of CCleaner, and which version of SAS you are using on your system. This info would be very helpful.

At any rate, Windows typically/by default does not display the contents of Temporary Internet Files when you examine the folder with Windows Explorer.

Be sure that you are using SAS V4.27.1002 and have the latest Core/Trace definitions.

1. Are you running the latest version of CCleaner which is V2.22.968? If not, you should upgrade via the link below. And do you have checked "Temporary Internet Files", "Cookies", and "History" under the Windows tab > Internet Explorer?


Download the Slim version and you will not get the crazy unnecessary toolbars.

After you upgrade, run CCleaner with the above options checked. Then rescan with SAS and see if it detects anything.

2. Be sure Internet Explorer is closed. Go to Control Panel>Internet Options>General tab. It has a feature to delete all Temporary Files, Cookies, and History. Clear out these files and then see if SAS finds anything on a new scan.

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CCleaner v2.22.968


SAS 4.27.1002 & latest updates

XP Pro SP2

I know that you need to uhide the system operating files in order to see the IE temp files, I even showed this in the screenshot that you are looking at this path. :)

I ran CCleaner and then I manually looked through all the folders and I still didn't see anything in that path, just like the screenshot showed, yet SAS was scanning in there, which I don't understand how if there was nothing in it...

SAS litterally scanned that path I showed a screenshot of for roughly 3 mins, so now how did that happen in an empty directory is what I'd like to know? Does Index.dat have anything to do with this?


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To fully delete the temporary internet files, use the IE intenet options delete, select temporary internet files. That deletes them all (except the cookies references in your user account TIF folder).

I have XP pro SP3, it's the same in XP SP2, don't know if this is the same in Vista or later, most of the TI Files are stored in subfolders of the Content.IE5 folder, which is a superhidden folder of your user account's temporary internet files folder and not visible even with show hidden files and folders checked.

However, there is a trick to access the content.ie5 folder and its subfolders: If you open diskcleanup, highlight temporary intenet files, click view files, it opens Windows Explorer at the content.ie5 folder and you can open the subfolders (alphanumeric names: they get re-created with different names each time you use the IE options delete as suggested above; when empty they just contain a deskptop.ini file: do not delete those).

I made a shortcut to the content.ie5 folder on my desktop for convenience: set that Window opened by diskcleanup to double pane view and right mouse drag content.ie5 from the left pane to desktop, create shortcut.

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