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A recent scan of my computer took over 3 hours to complete. This was a quick scan and involved nearly 48,000 files and around 30 GB of drive space. I would like to cut down the scan time and only do the most highly suspect locations for malware. Can anyone recommend which files/folders I should include in a custom scan. I am using Windows Vista 32 bit home premium.


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A Quick Scan is already honed down to "the most highly suspect locations". Based on the time it takes to scan on your system, it sounds like you have one or more of the following problems with your computer.

Be sure that you have the latest version of SAS which is V4.27.1002.

1. You are short of RAM memory. Vista needs at least 2 gbyte RAM to run well....more if possible.

2. You have other security programs that are interfering with SAS during its scan. Temporarily disable other security programs, except your software firewall, prior to scanning with SAS.

3. You have a disk problem. Run CHKDSK C: /r /f and see that improves the scan speed. The link below explains how to invoke CHKDSK on Vista


4. Your system hard drive is badly fragmented and cluttered with temporary files and other unnecessary files. You should download/install/run CCleaner and let it clean out all junk. Then defrag your harddrive. The link below is for CCleaner downloads.


- Download the SLIM version of CCleaner

- DO NOT run the Registry Cleaner component of CCleaner.

5. You have not upgraded your Vista software to Service Pack 2 via Windows Update. Service Pack 1 and then Service Pack 2 do provide some speed enhancements for Vista.

Note: On my Vista SP2 x64 Business system, a SAS Quick Scan takes ~22 minutes to complete...scanning 80,000 files.

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