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Can't delete these two entries!

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If I'm posting this in the wrong place, please forgive me. I'm new here. I went to the "spyware discussion" forum but it said that I didn't have permission to read posts in the forum.

I've had these two entries coming up for the last three days and can't get rid of them and wanted to know if anyone has seen anything similar. I ran a diagnostics test today and submitted it to SAS, so maybe they can help.





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1. Be sure that you are using the latest version of SAS which is V4.27.1002

2. Be sure that you have the latest Core and Trace definitions which (as of this posting) are Core=4064, Trace=2004.

3. Boot your computer into SAFE MODE and run a Complete Scan of your system. Let SAS quarantine what it finds.

4. Boot back into Normal Mode and rescan with SAS. The two infections should not be present. IF they are, post your last SAS scan log back here.

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