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Spyware that can't be removed

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**Couldn't post to the diagnostics thread due to error**

I've had virus/spyware on my computer since Friday. It started with "B.exe" running in my task manager making sounds and popups. I located the file and deleted it in safemode and it has come back. The problem is still there though. I run superantispyware and it finds about 3-4 trojans every time and I move them to quarantine and then reboot my computer. As soon as my computer reboots I run the program again and it finds the files yet again??

Today I tried to run the spyware scan and after it removed the files I ran it again WITHOUT restarting and it seemed to find the same files again?? Did the 4 times in a row and it found the same ones again and again. Seems to point to the file "msxml71.dll" which I can't manually delete because it is "being used by another application". I can't find that file running in my processes menu. Please advise, thanks.

So an update...

I was able to delete the "msxml71.dll" file and now when I start my virus scanner no longer warns of files it has blocked. When I run scan for spyware now I seem to find the same file everytime. C:/WINDOWS/system32/lowsec is the folder it is flagging and the 2 files within are "local.ds" and "user.ds".

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