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Weird problem - please help

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So last night I had a rather nasty virus that I eventually cleaned out after a big battle.

Today I started a full scan just to be sure I got every last piece of it removed, and it turns out SAS discovered a handful of remaining Trojan agents hiding in my system restore points (as well as about 800 misc cookies I didn't want).

So I instructed SAS to remove them.... which it did..... and did..... and is still doing...? SAS has been in the "quarantining and deleting process" now for about 30 minutes. The cookies raced by on the progress list of "quarantined and removed items", followed by the system restore Trojans. But is has been hung up on a single action for the better part of this 30 minutes, what appears to be the final Trojan:


The progress bar is all the way green and underneath it says the usual "please be patient while detected items are quantined and removed."

But should it really take this long? My hard drive's light is flashing and active like something is going on, and when I tried to close SAS it didn't let me - telling me that the program was "locked by the system."

I'm running Windows XP Home edition. Please let me know if you have any idea of why this should be taking so long, or what I could do. I don't want to shut down my computer or anything in case SAS is really working on something and could cause damage. But I don't see why it should take so long to delete a file? How long should I wait?

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Thanks, yeah I had to manually shut down SAS to end that session, but those remaning files appeared to have been deleted.

Whew, I had a mess of Trojans and viruses in the system and it took a combination of SAS, Malwarebytes, Ad-Aware, Spybot, and ComboFix to root out seemingly every last piece of it - these viruses knocked out my firewall, shut off my system restore, locked me out of admin control of both, a real nuisance.

I've now run all of these programs at full scans at least twice apiece and they're all coming up clean now. My new question is, does this mean I am finally free and clear of these bugs? I'm terribly paranoid now to do any online banking or secure things with this computer. I've read about keylogging viruses and backdoor type stuff - how exactly do they operate and what should I be watching out for from here on out?

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