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Trial version expired

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My registered pro version with lifetime updates gets successfully activated but after a reboot I get that trial version has expired message. First of all let me give you some background

I've purchased the product about 2 years ago or so. Other than not being able to update to the latest version without manually installing the new version I had no problems. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit. This started about 2 program updates ago. The first I had to activate about 4 times or so and it finally stayed registered after rebooting my computer. After the latest program update I had to remove the old version and install the latest version manually, activate and all seemed OK. But after rebooting I started getting the same message about trial version expired.

I like the software but I'm kinda fed up with dealing with problems like this. Currently the software is uninstalled since I got sick of that message popping up every time after I restart my computer. This time I tried to activate 3 times and it worked OK until reboot. Is the number of activations limited? What's causing this problem? BTW is there a way to successfully update to the latest version via the software updater instead of manually doing this?

Thanks for your help.

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